Super Mario Forever Galaxy

Super Mario Forever Galaxy 2.0

People who have ever played original Mario or Mario Forever will love this game
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People who have ever played original Mario or Mario Forever will love this game too. It is a perfect continuation of one of the best Mario Games called Super Mario Forever. We should realize that it is much changed and it is not a typical platform game. It is similar to the ‘Galaxian’, which is a well known game that can be played on the old Nintendo console (Pegasus etc). The scenario is different from the first part and the original. After his defeat in the first part of the game, a bad dragon rebuild his army and made it strong again. After that he kidnapped (again!) princess, but not to his castle. He took her to another planet in the space. Super Mario brothers decided to help the princess and save her again from the hands of the dark character. In this game Mario is being supported by his brother Luigi. Player can choose one of the characters and build a special space vehicle (we can choose many types of vehicles and many types of weapons). After that we are ready to fight with enemies in the space. The graphic is great and we can listen to the interesting music during the game. Each character in this Mariogame has its own unique skills. After each level, we need to face a powerful boss. Fortunately many types of weapons will help us to do it and to complete our task. For many players not only the fight with enemies is interesting. Most of Super Mario Forever Galaxy players enjoy building their own ship and attaching weapons to it. The game is offering many ship models and many types of weapons with 10 upgrade levels for each one. Projecting our own ship will take some time and it will be the time full of fun. After that we are ready to fight with many opponents and spend another few hours full of great fun. We have to destroy our enemies on 8 space locations. Getting this game should not be a problem, because we can find many websites on which we can download Mario Forever Galaxy. Every fan of Mario Series should play this interesting and dynamic game. It has not big requirements, so we do not need to have a very powerful computer.

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